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Jane Stevenson

Name Jane Stevenson
Gender ♀ orrrr genderqueer
Age negotiable
House Gryffindor
Status Half-blood
Occupation depends on age
Played By negotiable
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:: Background

(Please note that much of this will depend on the setting, her age, and other factors.)

Jane was born in Manchester, to a Muggle mechanic and a witch who worked as a fortune teller for Muggles. She's the third of five children -- all of them boys, except for Jane and her younger sister.

As a child, she attended the local school until she was 11 and received a letter from Hogwarts. She had known about it (since one of her older brothers was also attending it, and her mother had told them about her magical upbringing) but she was surprised and glad.

At Hogwarts, a typical Gryffindor display of bravado first made her become interested in the Dark Arts. This interest became more serious over time. If she has graduated Hogwarts, she may now work as a shopkeeper in Knockturn Alley, or perhaps as an independent scholar. She may even hold Muggle occupations to support herself while doing her research.

:: Personality

Jane is a very no-nonsense type. She does understand social niceties, but she's very likely to not care much for them and not skirt about the issue. She's the type of friend who is brutally honest with you if you need to hear the truth (or if she thinks you need to hear the truth). She sociable enough to be able to have a large circle of acquaintances and to talk to strangers, but she tends to prefer to have only a few close friends. Romantic relationships are not a priority for her but if they do happen, she's the type to not care much for things like Valentine's Day or anniversaries, and she's more likely to show her affection by making a special dinner when her partner is having a bad day than by saying "I love you" constantly.

Like a typical Gryffindor, Jane is brave. Her particularly brand of brave means she doesn't shy away from confrontations and (if she's a student or drunk) she's likely to take on ridiculous dares just because she can. If she's a teenager, she's especially inclined to take risks and not really think things through. She's excellent at thinking under pressure.

Jane is a very practical, no-frills type of person. She's quite organised (but not always) and tends to prefer function over form and durability over looks. This doesn't mean that she has no concept of style and doesn't like pretty things, because she does.

She's not as uptight as she may, at times, come across: she's has a lot of self-control if she's older, but she definitely enjoy having a couple of glasses of firewhiskey with her friends.

She has a broad comfort zone and isn't likely to be very possessive over most things. She does, however, have a few things that are important to her and to which she holds on very strongly, sometimes to the point of neglect of the rest. For example, at Hogwarts she may excel in a couple of subjects but care very little about those she deems pointless and almost fail at them (or straight up fail). If she has her own home, she's probably fine letting people crash in her living room for an indefinite amount of time, but she's very specific about letting anyone enter her room or eat biscuits from that one tin in her cupboard. She may lend her belongings freely except for a few that she treasures most. When it comes to learning or ideas, though, she's quite open-minded and flexible if she sets her mind to it.

Jane has a very strong set of values (she is, after all, a Gryffindor, and values her own notion of chivalry and idealism) but her interest in the Dark Arts is intended as a sort of play on this. Depending on the game, it may be more or less morally grey. For example, she may see learning about the Dark Arts as a useful way of knowing her enemies if she's fighting against Death Eaters or some such, or she may see it as an actually valid way of fighting back against things she believes are wrong. She's not at all a pacifist and her typical Gryffindor stubborness manifests itself in "I DO WHAT I WANT YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME" and possibly disregarding consequences or not thinking them through.

:: Storylines

The whole "bad Gryffindor" thing may sound as fluffy and Sue-ish as "nice Slytherin", but it's not like that at all. I'm really interested in exploring the four Houses in a more nuanced way than just "Gryffindor = good, Slytherin = bad" or vice-versa -- I don't think Houses are intrinsically good or bad, and this goes both ways. If I was writing a Slytherin, for example, I wouldn't want to make them straight up good or straight up evil, but more someone who may do morally questionable things on their way to pursuing their goals, or looking out for themselves and those they consider to be close. Likewise, when writing this Gryffindor character, I don't just want to stop at "she's impulsive, BAM instant flaw, but she's also so great and nice and noble". What someone considers good may be considered bad by another person, so I'd like to explore a character who does have very strong ideals but unlike Harry & co. doesn't necessarily follow a "good" way to act them out. In the books, we learn that from the perspective of a Slytherin (Snape), Gryffindors may come across as being self-righteous and arrogant and not care for rules, so from that perspective, a Gryffindor can have a very strong set of codes they live by but then do questionable things in trying to enforce those or live them out, even if they don't quite notice it. Or... those beliefs may themselves be questionable.

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Robert Warner

Name Robert Warner
Age late teens, negotiable
House Hufflepuff
Status Pureblood
Occupation student (or negotiable)
Played By James Corden
Journal N/A[profile] ____

:: Background

Robert is one of two siblings. His father is a farmer of sorts and his mother is a secretary at the Ministry of Magic (Department of International Cooperation). He had a stable and generally happy childhood, full of typical things like mini Quidditch games with the children of his parents' friends and fighting with his brother. 

At Hogwarts, he was sorted into Hufflepuff. His best subjects are Ancient Runes and Charms. Depending on the setting of the game, he may be very committed to a certain thing because of his friends. What that thing can just be having friends who misbehave all the time and are a bad influence on him, or even something like being sucked into a very questionable cause because of them. 

:: Personality

He's very loyal, so wherever his friends go he's likely to go too. He's not really the type to act out much, but he's the type to stand up for his friends and generally have his back. He's very hard working -- he's an overachiever at times and believes that working hard will get him whatever it is he wants, and judge those who don't get things, believing it's because they haven't tried hard enough to get them.

He's a very sociable person and places a huge value on the importance of community and friendship. This means that he may see those who aren't part of his clique as a threat or a problem, and he may end up being very influenced by his friends to do morally questionable things. 

In fact, depending on the setting of the game, he can be quite dictatorial and rigid about the things he believes in, simply because he's so committed to those friends and those principles, and he may end up being somewhat prejudiced.

:: Storylines

Hufflepuffs are known for being loyal, hardworking, honest, and friendly. They're generally regarded as impartial.

However, we've also seen some less-than-nice Gryffindors, like Zacharias Smith. Hufflepuff's dormitories are the most intruder-proof of all the dorms. I think this means that Hufflepuffs can and often do show some intolerance of others and can be very questionable in their loyalties -- sometimes even coming across as not being loyal, like in Zacharias Smith's case. I'd be really interested in exploring the character of someone whose loyalty means very questionable decisions, like bullying behaviour or prejudice, and whose brand of honesty means they don't even bother trying to sugarcoat it.

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