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2024-03-04 10:08 pm

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:: Me

I'm a twentysomething who enjoys collaborative story telling/roleplaying, especially if it's related to reincarnated authors. Right now I don't play in a lot of games but I'd be interested in games that explore a lesser-known side of the Potterverse (morally grey Slytherins and Gryffindors, identity anything) and original games with interesting concepts. I tend to enjoy games that include some adventure but also just fun scenes of friends hanging out.

I don't really enjoy: characters who go through traumatic events unscathed, romance-driven games, fandom-heavy games. I don't enjoy writing smut either, while I may be open to writing sex scenes if it's relevant, I tend to prefer to fade to black or keep it general. I'm comfortable with most kinds of contents, especially when reading, depending on the context.

My time zone is GMT. My specialities include language geekery (especially Latin) and nitpicking random details about my characters.

:: My characters
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This journal is mostly a back-up of my actual CDJ, I'm just testing the "import entries" feature. Bye.